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For some people, landscape painting hold the promise of enjoyable day spent in the countryside painting.

However many beginners worry about painting while stranger look on, while others can’t get out as often as they would like to.  

If you lack confidence, the best way top start is to tack yourself away behind a tree, make a quick drawing in you sketchbook of a scene you would like to paint, marking the main colors in pencil, then paint it at home. As your confidence grows, take your paint box with you- nine out of ten people who take the trouble to look over your shoulder will be full of admiration of your artworks.

Sketching in pencil is also a good idea for the person who can’t often get outside. instead of painting just one scene when you go out, make a few different pencil sketches. Take your paint box with you, and make color notes on these sketches. You can use this information to produce many different paintings later at home. When you are painting fruits or flowers your subject stay still while you work. With animals it can just be the opposite.

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Watercolor Painting

art 104The Crying Breast Painted On A Paper Using WaterColorWatercolor is very versatile medium. It can be used in different ways and by different artists. For instance, six artists could paint the same subject, using the same technique,  but each artwork would be different because each artist would have his or her own style. On wet watercolor, opposite is painted in a very different style on the pen and watercolour technique. Therefore, an artist’s style is, to some extent, altered by ‘technique’ refers to the method used in painting.

The Flat and Graded Wash Watercolor technique.

Having thought of moves very carefully beforehand, you workup the effect with washes. Remember to use the lightest colors first and work gradually to the darker tones.



The Wet On Wet Watercolor Technique

The wet on wet technique is a very exciting way of using watercolor but it can also be very nerve-racking. The freedom, the apparent ease and the sheer audacity of letting colors make their own way around the paper excite artists and onlookers alike. But although the finished result looks natural and unlaboured, you have to put many of patient practice.

Body Color Watercolor Technique

You can strengthen your watercolor by using the body color technique. Simply add white to the paint and this will immediately take away the transparency of the color.

When you are next painting a watercolor, if you find that you have lost it; try using white with your watercolor and turn it into body color painting. Remember that light can be added over dark.

Open Wash Watercolor Technique

TextileDesignArtSplashed Watercolor Art On A Paper Canvas Using Open Wash TechniqueApart from it’s own charm, open wash has a very valuable application. When you are painting outside, it is often impractical to wait for each watercolor wash to dry before applying the adjacent one. If you use this method, you can carry on almost without stopping.

Don’t be too rigid with the white lines’. keep them free and let the paint touch and run together in places. This keeps the painting looking free and not too machanical.

Pen And Wash Watercolor Technique

Pen and wash is used at some time or another by many watercolor artists and it is very popular technique. The addition of the pen gives a sparkle to the watercolor painting.

Like body color, the use of the pen is another method of saving watercolor.


Pencil And Wash Watercolor Technique

Pencil and wash is one of the most delicate way of using watercolor. It can be very sensitive and detailed.

Naturally, you want to be confident with your pencil work to try this technique but I am sure that you will enjoy it


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