Githinji Patrick Is Freelance Visual Artist Githinji Patrick (°1977, Nyeri, Kenya) makes paintings, paintings, photos and drawings. By exploring [...]
Besides Art I have great interest on wildlife, Cultures and environmental scenes. I like capturing photos related to wildlife, culture and scenes. [...]
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Click The Links Below To Order The Art Prints Of This African Abstract Art The abstract form of art originated in the 19th century. The [...]
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A. News from OCPAThe activities of the Executive Director and Staff Members A.1 Mission to Brazzaville at the African Music Council (AMC)A.2 Mission [...]


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An Oil Painting Of A Samburu Teen Girl Done On A Paper Canvas. Folow The Links Below To Buy Art Prints
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For all this Kenya is and always has been African. The leakeys’ discoveries have made it possible that man’s first post-simian ancestor [...]
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NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK was gazetted (that is, legally constituted) in 1946. Only 44 miles in area and six miles from the city center, this former [...]
In this issueA. News from OCPAThe activities of the Executive Director and of the Assistant Research CoordinatorA.1 Mission to ChibueneA.2 Mission to [...]
An Oil Painting Of An African Sunset Order Art Prints Below Read About Painting Using Oil Paint. Using oil colours in painting, consist of [...]
    Painting Using Oil Paint Using oil colours in painting, consist of pigments which has been included in drying oils.The oil painted [...]
THE NATIONAL MUSEUM A mile from the city center is the best reached via Uhuru highway and the Ains-worth Memorial garden. (Colonel John Ainsworth, [...]


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