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Guidelines. The online content you submit should irrevant to  the other topics/content covered on our site and these include; Fine art, Art and history, Art and humanity, Business promotion, Advice on business, Business opportunities, wildlife, photography, travelling, entertainment. We also support lifestyle related content. You should submit quality content that is appealing to the readers and should not include any suggestive material that promote immorality, content that promote or sell illegal dugs, promote hate and racism, religous extrimist, incite war or sells firearms and also online content that infringe third party copyrights. The content submitted to this site remain the sole property of it's submitter/ creator. P.Fine Art does not have any authority over this kind of content including i.e editing/ rectification unless otherwise advised neither will we be held responsible of such. Please note that we have the right to remove any content that we feel does not meet the above stated guidelines and without any further notification. If you feel that we have ommitted any guideline/feature that should  be inluded on this page please feel free to contact us. We do appreciate your business as well as partnering with you. Then you can start to write and submit article